FIRST UFC and how it came to be…

The Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipFIRST UFC and how it came to be…

Greg Strong of The Canadian Press authored a fine article on IS THIS LEGAL? See it here:

Check out this latest interview… On March 15, Syndee and Poetrynmotion talked with Art Davie Creator & Co-Founder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Great interview with Dan Cox about IS THIS LEGAL? The inside story of the first UFC from Art Davie.

Art Davie is a name many MMA fans will know. Perhaps not as many in the newer generations but he is certainly someone who should be!

If a teenager in a gym anywhere in the world is training “MMA” and doesn’t know his name… They might want to take some time out and learn little, either read his book. Or simply watch this interview and gain some insight into the man who helped build the foundations to what is now the worlds fastest growing sport on the planet.

Art Davie is a business executive and entrepreneur and formerly active California’s advertising circles. In 1993, he created and co-produced the tournament which became the televised Ultimate Fighting Championship. In addition, Davie served as vice-president to K-1 USA, and brought the successful K-1 kickboxing franchise from Japan to Las Vegas and North American pay-per-view television. He was an Executive Producer with Mandalay Sports Entertainment, became vice-president of television at Paradigm Entertainment Group, and helped develop from the ground up rules and strategy for the “XARM” competition….

He is also in the MMA Legends hall of fame, and author! And yes he even has his very own action figure! As if the picture of him sitting in a chair seems to reflect anything but the man’s life!


Dan Cox, got the opportunity to catch up with Art and go in-depth one on one with him, across a broad range of topics, from the creation of the initial UFC event to where it is today and stars like Ronda Rousey. Even covering topics such as Ken Shamrock’s upcoming bare knuckle bout to Jens Pulvers return to ONEFC and W2W (action) 

As an added bonus we also find out details about a potential movie in the works & the planned roles for some of the cast. This is a MUST for any UFC fan looking for MMA’s origins. Grab some popcorn for this one!


Since it’s release in July, Is This Legal? has ranked among Amazon’s top-five selling sports and martial arts biographies numerous times in both the paper and digital categories. Multiple sports and MMA writers and websites have published glowing book reviews, including Mike Straka,,,, and

Is This Legal? is Mr. Davie’s tell-all memoir about creating the inaugural UFC over 20 years ago. Taking place on November 12, 1993 in Denver, CO, UFC 1 stands as a revolutionary moment in marital arts and combat sports, when ten men competed in a one-night, style-versus-style martial arts tournament that captured the imagination of 4,000 attending fans and almost 90,000 households across America via pay-per-view TV.

Described as equal parts Abner Doubleday, PT Barnum, and Dr. James Naismith, Mr. Davie tells a vivid and fast-moving first-person account of navigating through a world of financial risks, political power-plays, egotistical fighters, family feuds, and numerous powder-keg situations – all to answer the age-old question of who is the world’s best fighter?

Is This Legal? also features a highly improbable cast of characters, including Academy Award nominee John Milius, NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, action film star Chuck Norris, kickboxing champ Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez, Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Rorion Gracie and pay-per-view TV pioneer Bob Meyrowitz.