The First UFC with Art Davie

IS THIS LEGAL?The story of the first UFC….

HIYAA PODCAST interview with ART DAVIE about the first UFC

Check out the interview I did with David Jones on Monday, January 19, 2015 about IS THIS LEGAL? All about the first UFC and all the players from Rorion & Royce Gracie, Semaphore Entertainment Group, Ken Shamrock and all the heroes, villains and fools who made the first event a success.

IS THIS LEGAL? is available online at and, as well as Barnes and Noble.

John Milius, Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter & Director of Conan the Barbarian
“This is the real inside story of how the UFC came together. Would make a great movie.”

Randy Couture, Hall-of-Fame MMA Champion & Film Star
“An honest, shocking, enthralling and nostalgic look back at the creation of the modern age of mixed martial arts in the United States. This is all the real stuff that no one gets to see or hear about when the newest combative sport of MMA was forged and Art Davie was one of its founding fathers! Thanks goes out to Art for persevering and giving all professional martial artists a place to ply our wares and test our skills.”

Frank Shamrock, Legendary MMA Champion
“The first UFC reset the martial arts culture in the US and created a brand-new American Sport that’s now become a global phenomenon. Art Davie’s vision of blending combat sports and entertainment inspired a Pay-Per-View and martial arts generation while creating new careers for combat sports athletes.”

Kevin Kay, President, SPIKE-TV
“I thought I knew just about everything there was to know on the birth of MMA in this country. What I found out in “Is This Legal?” is that I knew barely anything… Art and Sean have masterfully crafted a fascinating and compelling must-read for anyone who prides themselves on being a combat sports fan.”

Jimmy Smith, TV Color Commentator, Bellator MMA
“This book shows even a hardcore fan just how little they know about the origins of the UFC. It’s amazing to think that the sport I love was created by a cast of characters straight out of Alice in Wonderland. This book is a truly illuminating read.”

Ben Saunders, Pro MMA fighter & UFC Veteran
“The first ever Ultimate Fighting Championship changed my life. When I was 10 years old me and my best friend saw an ad for UFC 1 in Black Belt magazine. We were able to convince his dad to order the Pay-Per-View. It started with a gruesome fight where Teila Tuli got kicked in the face, which knocked his tooth out; then he got punched in the eye. Blood was dripping out of his eye and mouth. I was traumatized! I really thought I was going to witness someone die–like a real live Blood Sport. But, by the end of it, a skinny Brazilian dominated the whole thing. I was blown away. It was right then and there I looked at my friend and said, ‘I’m going to do that, and I’m going to be the Champion!’ I then dedicated my life to becoming the best martial artist I can be.”

Tedd Williams, Retired UFC Fighter/Owner – Gladiator Challenge, Inc.
“A must read for all UFC fans! The Man, the Myth and the Legend, Art Davie tells the true, inside story of how he created the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Laugh out loud when you discover the human side of how the toughest sport on the planet got its start.”

Ken Pavia, Founder, MMAgents & International MMA Promotional Consultant
“It’s about time we MMA addicts were told the “rest of the story” as to how our sport was birthed. Without Art Davie’s vision and perseverance there would never have been a Chuck Liddell, a Tito Ortiz, a Georges St-Pierre or an Anderson Silva. Thank you Art and Sean for letting us know all the hurdles that were overcome to create the sport of MMA. Is this Legal? is epic!”

Michael Mazzulli, Director, Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation & Contributing Author, Unified Rules of MMA
“Is This Legal? is a great history on the development of the world of mixed martial arts. It’s a remarkable account of taking a sport from a thought to a reality. Art and Sean explain all the trials and tribulations that had to be overcome to make it all happen.”

Rob Hinds, MMA Referee, Judge & ABC Officials’ Trainer
“Is this Legal? is a fantastic read for anyone, regardless of MMA knowledge. Compelling. Funny. Honest. Art and Sean depict both notable and behind the scenes information that most people never get the opportunity to experience or hear about. As someone who’s been involved in the sport wholeheartedly since 1994, I really appreciated and enjoyed learning more about how this all came together from an insider’s view.”

Darin Harvey, MMA Fight Manager
“I know a thing or two about the sport of MMA having managed some of the best fighters in the business. Art Davie single-handedly changed the world’s understanding of martial arts. Because of him, that age old question about who would win in a real fight has finally been answered. Art was a true genius and a pioneer. It’s been an honor to call him my friend.”

Jeff Meyer, CEO, Tuff ‘N’ Uff Promotions
“My brother Barry, my father and I used to go to watch the UFC in towns no one had ever heard of because at that time there was no sanctioning body to regulate MMA. We were hooked immediately! Barry said, “It was love at first fight.” And it was! Before long Barry started promoting MMA events on a part-time basis and I was right there with him. Eventually, we moved the company he founded, Tuff-N-Uff Productions, to Las Vegas and began promoting MMA events full-time. All of us in the MMA world owe a great debt of gratitude to Art Davie who was the visionary for what has become a worldwide recognized legitimate sport. Thank you Art!”

Charlie Anzalone, Deputy Inspector – Nevada Athletic Commission
“When Art Davie created the UFC, it changed the way the world looked at the martial arts. Misunderstood, misjudged and revolutionary, it led the way to the future of unarmed combat sports. I’m honored to have been there at the first UFC as a manager. Art’s the man!”

Earnest Hart, Jr., Former PKA World Kickboxing Champion
“Is This Legal? tells the whole story. I thought, “This Is crazy” when Art Davie first told me he was going to pit fighters from different fighting styles against one another. This was the birth of the UFC. Having been in the ring first hand as a kickboxer, “No Rules” was exhilarating; and America was soon salivating and wanting more. This book will entertain fans and newcomers, while at the same time reveal Art’s tenacity in attaining his dream, and making it a reality. I have the utmost respect for Art for taking his vision to great heights. I’m honored to call him a lifelong friend.”

Jason DeLucia, Retired MMA & Pancrase Fighter
“Is This Legal? tells the story of the genesis of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship. This UFC was a ship of fools, an ark that carried one of every type of martial artist. The champion who emerged, Royce Gracie, was a man whose art means gentleness. He showed that jiu-jitsu would inherit the earth, submitting every opponent with grace and dignity and not sheer violence. And the only man who can tell this story was the navigator, Art Davie. He was our Noah. Even though I was there, as one of the 10 fighters, this book blew me away.”