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CY INTERVIEW with Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein:

Shoot The Defence @ShootTheDefence  interviewed @SeanWheelock & discussed “Is this Legal”, @ArtDavie , @BellatorMMA @MLS & #Wrestling. Enjoy!…

Johnny Quantum aka Johnny Q interviews the founder of the UFC, Art Davie…

TSC’s Fred Richani interviews UFC founder Art Davie and Bellator MMA commentator Sean Wheelock about their new book “Is This Legal?”  @ArtDavie & @BellatorMMA’s @SeanWheelock! A must-listen for all MMA fans! @SpikeSports

podcast: A riveting and hilarious conversation  had with Art Davie, the man behind the birth of the UFC.  Watch it here:

This podcast took place right before Art’s appearance on UFC Tonight on FOX TV on Wednesday 8-27-14.


On November 12, 1993, in Denver, Colorado, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) unleashed an explosion of blood – both figuratively and literally – as 6’5” Dutch kickboxer Gerard Gordeau smashed 420 lb. sumo wrestler Teila Tuli flush in the face, less than 30 seconds into the night’s opening fight. The kick sent one of Tuli’s teeth flying into the crowd, instantly establishing that, as one of the commentators said that night, “fighting is not what we thought it was.”

The UFC’s launch came with virtually no warning or fanfare. Yet nearly 90,000 households ordered and watched the event on pay-per-view television. This style-versus-style martial arts tournament was the creation of Art Davie, an ad man and serial entrepreneur who first conjured the idea four years prior.

Now, for the first time, the true story about the creation of mixed martial arts and the inaugural UFC is told by the man who started it all. Equal parts Abner Doubleday, PT Barnum, and Dr. James Naismith, Davie explains how he turned his vision, of a single-night tournament involving the greatest martial arts fighters, into the first UFC, which now stands as an international billion-dollar sports franchise.

This vivid and fast-moving first-person account explores Davie’s adventures navigating through a world of financial risks, political power-plays, egotistical fighters, family feuds, and numerous powder-keg situations – all to answer the age-old question of who is the world’s best fighter?

Written with noted MMA television play-by-play commentator Sean Wheelock (with the foreword by legendary MMA referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy), IS THIS LEGAL? is not just for fight fans, but also for anybody who appreciates the tale of a maverick who’ll stop at nothing to fulfill his vision and achieve his dreams.

IS THIS LEGAL? also features a highly improbable cast of characters, including Academy Award nominee John Milius, NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, action film star Chuck Norris, kickboxing champ Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez, Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Rorion Gracie and pay-per-view TV pioneer Bob Meyrowitz. With the creation of the UFC, Art Davie started a revolution in the world of martial arts. And this revolution was televised. IS THIS  LEGAL? has continued to attract media attention all through the summer of 2014.